Pause. Observe the creations around you. Have you ever considered their origins? We are surrounded by creations such as architecture, music, functional objects, and art. All of these creations were first formulated in someone’s mind. But these ideas did not come from thin air, they were born of inspiration. Where do we get inspiration? Inspiration is like breathing; our minds inhale the experiences and creations around us and store them for future use. Eventually we exhale these past references, but in new forms – remixes of the creations that inspired us. 
As you interact with this exhibit, consider the creations that have been inspirational to you. How would it impact you if those ideas were illegal to use in your creative process? Consider where humanity would be today if the current stringent legislation regarding innovation had always been in effect. Finally, contemplate how your creations can be an inspiration to others along the path of ingenuity. As the cinematographer Jean-Luc Godard said, “It’s not where you take things from — it’s where you take them to.” I hope that we can emulate this spirit of creativity and continue to build a better and more inspiring world for all.

INSTRUCTIONS: Follow the instructions on the screen and click on the submit button. After submitting, proceed to the 2nd Station. Thank you for contributing!​​​​​​​
To help understand where we get inspiration, consider this illustrative version of the telephone game. Each individual previous to you received an inspirational prompt, either a drawing or a caption. From there they made connections to their past inspirations as they produced something new. This line of inspiration repeated until it led to you, and you created something new too! People use this same creative process everyday. They intake experiences and ideas, remix them, and create new innovations.
This video is a screen recording of the iPad used at the 1st Station and the projected screen at the 2nd Station. Watch to see how individuals input drawings and captions on the iPad, and then how they appear on the projected screen after submission.
3rd Station:
This mobile is an inspiration tree of several creations and their creators. The act of drawing inspiration from past creations is a signature element of creation itself. Unfortunately, over the past century this creative standard has come under attack. Legal concepts such as intellectual property, copyright, and trademark have limited the pool of resources that creatives can use for inspiration without facing possible legal punishment. Creative property should be protected to prevent outright copying, but legal overreach that prohibits any reference to past creations extinguishes future possibilities for ingenuity and creative growth.
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